Monday, June 22, 2009

how to stop 'click' sound while Taking Snaps

This is the most disturbing thing in the Wonderful handsets of Sony Ericsson(and probably other cell phones), Whenever you try to take a snap of someone in silent your SE handset makes a "click" noise. And every one gets attention to your Cam.
i dont know if that means good or bad but there is a way to avoid this all you need is to make a simple call say some free dialing number like Balance enquiry etc. Then Move the lead of your Mobiles Camera( or start cam from menu ), Cam gets started while you are on call. Shoot your snap " viola!!!!!"..... No noise at all.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Remove Recycle Bin from Desktop in XP.....

Although there is no specific reason why you should remove recycle bin from desktop..but what if you want to do...well then solution would be something like



Navagate to USER CONFIGURATION >ADMINISTRATIVE TEMPLATES >Click on DESKTOP,On the right hand pane find " Remove Recycle Bin icon on the desktop " , double left click on it to ENABLE it.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Customize Your ‘Send To’ Right-Click Windows Menu

If you’re like me, you frequently need to move the same types of files to the same places over and over again. While you could keep a shortcut pointing to that location on your Desktop, there’s an even easier (and more flexible) way to quickly move files to a favorite place. The secret lies in the “Send To” command found in your right-click contextual menu.

At this point you’re probably either thinking, “what command where?” or “that has a function?” Hopefully we’ll answer both of those in that order for you. First, right-click on any file or folder. Notice that the “contextual” menu, that is, the menu that drops down from your cursor, has several options on it. The one we’re interested in is “Send To.” Once you run your mouse over the ‘Send To’ command, it drops down with a list of locations.

Now when you first saw this tool, if you even noticed it at all, you probably thought it was pretty terrible. Most of the locations on the list, by default, are fairly useless. The only way I ever used ‘Send To’ in the past was to create shortcuts and put them on the Desktop. What you see above is my newly cleaned-up and customized ‘Send To’ menu.

One of the unadvertised features of ‘Send To’ is that you can directly change the items that show up in the list. This is done by going to a specific folder and changing its contents. That folder is found in “Documents and Settings/yourusername.” Note: replace “yourusername” with whatever your user account name is on your computer. Here’s what mine looks like.

Notice that the Send To folder is somewhat transparent, indicating it is a hidden folder. If your hidden folders are not visible, go into “Tools->Folder Options->View (Tab)->Show Hidden Folders.” Once you have done this you are ready to go into your Send To folder.

In the folder, you will see all of the items that show up in the drop down. Most of these are actually shortcuts to those places, though a few are drives, commands to zip, or special system shortcuts to places like the Desktop or ‘My Documents’. Because they’re shortcuts, any other shortcuts you place in this folder will also show up in your Send To drop down.

As you can see above, I cleaned out my folder so it only has a few items in it. Now I have the ability to create shortcuts to the Desktop, zip files, and send files to My Documents, My Pictures, and Screenshots. This last folder, ‘Screenshots’, I added by holding the Alt key while dragging Screenshots into the ‘Send To’ folder. This created a shortcut of the selected folder instead of moving it. If you don’t feel comfortable with that hotkey, simply right click the desired item, click “New->Shortcut” and drag your new shortcut into the ‘Send To’ folder.

After tinkering with my ‘Send To’ list, it’s much more useful. Let’s send some pictures that I used for this article into the Screenshots folder:

Voila! This is a really useful little tool for me because I often need to play with several different types of files and find the best place to do that is on the Desktop. When I’m done using those files I either delete them or toss them into their relevant folders for safe keeping. ‘Send To’ now allows me to send all my screenshots in a batch into the Screenshots folder. This is also handy if you have any folders that take specific actions when items are added to them.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Add A Watermark In PowerPoint 2007

One way you can spice up a presentation is to add a watermark. Watermarks are also a good way of branding presentations. A watermark is simply a very faint image that appears in the background. For example, it may be a company logo or name. You may have seen documents before that have the word confidential behind the text. Yes, this is a watermark!

PowerPoint 2007 makes it simple for you to add a watermark to a presentation.

To add a picture watermark in PowerPoint 2007:

  1. Within your presentation, click the slide that you want to add a watermark to. To add a watermark to all of the slides in a blank presentation, on the View tab, in the Presentations Views group, click Slide Master.
  2. On the Insert tab, within the Illustrations group, do one of the following.
    • To use a picture as a watermark, click Picture, locate the picture that you want, and then click Insert.
    • To use clip art as a watermark, click Clip Art. In the Clip Art task pane, in the Search for box, either type a word or phrase that describes the clip that you want, or type all or part of the file name of the clip, and then click Go.
  3. To send the watermark to the back of the slide, under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Arrange group, click Send to Back

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

something to reduce your eye strain

While computer work tends to not be physically risky, that doesn't mean you should assume it's not impacting your health. Carpal tunnel and Computer Vision Syndrome are no laughing matter, and it's important to take steps to avoid them.

EyeDefender helps by starting breaks at intervals of your choosing (you choose the length of the break as well). To rest your eyes you can choose either your default screensaver, an image, or the visual training mode. The training mode is a bit reminiscent of the relaxation portion of Flash Focus for the Nintendo DS.

If you stick to the schedule you set up, EyeDefender breaks will also help prevent repetetive strain injuries. Like anything designed to help your quest for improved health, you've got to stick with it to see benefits.

For web workers that have a hard time tearing themselves away from their screen, EyeDefender is a handy application with tremendous potential benefits. It's free for non-commercial private use and runs on Windows only.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

blod Gtalk

Gtalk is simple , well that is something that attracts everyone to it and i am no exception..but in a process of making it simple they have just excluded some of the basic features of instant messengers ;invisible mode just in case. but there are some hidden tricks that u can try on Gtalk to make it feature rich for eg. how about writing in bold letters..
type * before and after the text you want in bold and press enter(*look at you*) and you are done..but it should be noted that there should not be any space between * and the first letter of the bold word/sentence as well as the last word/sentence of the bold word/sentence ..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spamming in Yahoo Messenger ..

This trick works only in windows (so now you know why linux is better,not because of yahoo messanger silly!!!!!!!!!! ) ..anyway try this only on windows systems . Suppose you are chatting with some guy(and if lucky may be with a girl) who is irritating you ..or u want to irritate somebody then this method will really create a great pain in their whatever anatomical part you can think of ;) . So here we go .. open yahoo messenger . then Double Click on the Buddy u want to spam with. Then press “Shift+Ctrl+R” as many times as u want ..the more u do this more he gets spammed . That’s it …the other buddy will get spammed with yahoo msngrr windows …I will give a screen shot here …as soon as possible . This thing works in the latest version of yahoo …and may not work in other msngr’s.....