Sunday, June 15, 2008

blod Gtalk

Gtalk is simple , well that is something that attracts everyone to it and i am no exception..but in a process of making it simple they have just excluded some of the basic features of instant messengers ;invisible mode just in case. but there are some hidden tricks that u can try on Gtalk to make it feature rich for eg. how about writing in bold letters..
type * before and after the text you want in bold and press enter(*look at you*) and you are done..but it should be noted that there should not be any space between * and the first letter of the bold word/sentence as well as the last word/sentence of the bold word/sentence ..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spamming in Yahoo Messenger ..

This trick works only in windows (so now you know why linux is better,not because of yahoo messanger silly!!!!!!!!!! ) ..anyway try this only on windows systems . Suppose you are chatting with some guy(and if lucky may be with a girl) who is irritating you ..or u want to irritate somebody then this method will really create a great pain in their whatever anatomical part you can think of ;) . So here we go .. open yahoo messenger . then Double Click on the Buddy u want to spam with. Then press “Shift+Ctrl+R” as many times as u want ..the more u do this more he gets spammed . That’s it …the other buddy will get spammed with yahoo msngrr windows …I will give a screen shot here …as soon as possible . This thing works in the latest version of yahoo …and may not work in other msngr’s.....