Thursday, November 29, 2007

check orkut through RSS feed

With orkut being blocked in almost every school, college and office, it has become quite difficult to catch up with the latest scraps that your friends send to you. But many would say that there are loads of proxy sites to log into orkut but again are they safe? or do you trust your username and password being sent to google servers via these proxy sites? Atleast I don’t. So here is the safest way to do it. I m going to share a trick that you can use to check your scraps regularly without even signing into orkut.

First thing you need is your orkut uid (i.e. userID). To get your just go to your profile page and you will find something like this in your address bar.

(Look for the numbers in bold, this is your uid!)

Now use this link and replace the with your own . The full address will look something like this.

And you are done just copy and paste the complete address in the address bar and see your scraps without even signing in! You can even add this address to your favorite RSS Feed Reader and read your scraps directly from it instead of using a proxy site for orkut.

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