Saturday, January 26, 2008

synchronising your data between pc and usb drive

This utility called briefcase has been part of windows for quiet long.not many found it
useful since we started burning cd's and email forwarding option to get over it . but now
with the advent of pen drive it has become essential to find a tool which can syncronise your
data between your pc and your pen drive.and especially for all those friends of mine who keep
all those colourful things(pun intended!) in their is how you can use briefcase
to syncronise your files and folders:

1.Open up My Computer or Windows Explorer, then click on the folder where you want to create the briefcase. Go to the main menu and select File -> New -> Briefcase
ORYou can also create a briefcase that lives on your desktop by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop, then selecting New -> Briefcase from the popup menu need to put the files that you want to keep synchronized into the briefcase.To copy files or folders to Briefcase,
you can drag the files or folders to the My Briefcase icon. move the briefcase to your pen drive.that is all you have to do.

Next time you make any changes in the documents that is part of the briefcase file,
all you need to do is just open the briefcase and click on update all or update one
on the main choose update option.

NOTE:After you copy files to Briefcase,
             do not move the original files on the primary computer.
             Briefcase keeps track of the original location of all the
             files that you copy to Briefcase,but it is not able to
             track the files if you move them to a different location.
            Once you move a file on the primary computer,
            the file is no longer associated with the copy of the
             file in Briefcase, even if you move the file back to
             its original location.If this problem occurs and
            Briefcase is unable to synchronize the files,
            you may be able to manually synchronize the files
            instead.To do so, you must first decide if you want
            to use the original file, or the copy of the file in Briefcase.
            If you want to use the original file, you can synchronize
             the files by deleting the copy of the file in Briefcase,
            and then copying the original file to Briefcase.
            If you want to use the copy of the file in Briefcase,
            move the file from Briefcase to a new location on your
            hard disk, and then copy the file to Briefcase.

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