Wednesday, March 12, 2008

changing VLC player skin

Varun is one guy who doesn't like to use VLC player....well for a simple reason he doesn't find it
appealing well that means it doesn't look good and even if he changes its skin,next time when he
launches it he gets the same look and feel of the i thought let me help him in changing
the skin and make it permanent...well the steps are simple.
  • first download the skin from here
  • now go to Preferences and double click Main interface
  • and now from the options in INTERFACE MODULE choose the option skinnable interface from the drop down men
  • after this from the sub menu of main interface choose skin
NOTE: the advanced option should be checked..
  • now enter the address of the skin in front of option skin to use
and that is it you have a new VLC player with a beautiful (waxed) skin..
and for all those who do not have a clue on waxed skin i might be the wrong person you are asking this...

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