Sunday, April 20, 2008

find subtitles for movies

Now this is for all those of you who believe movies to be a religion.Whether you're pro-subtitles, anti-subtitles, or subtitle agnostic(i dont know what does that mean!!!!), we can all agree on one thing: subtitles are hard to find over the internet. Often you have to visit a number of sites or forums to find the right subtitles for the movie in question. SubDownloader, a free program written in Python, aims to ease that quest by providing an easy way to download and view subtitles with your movies.

The program is very straightforward: select an individual movie file (DIVX,MPEG,AVI,etc) or a folder where a number of movie files are located, and SubDownloader will automatically find the available subtitles for that movie. If you want to watch the movie with the subtitles that SubDownloader located, simply right-click the subtitle and choose "Play With," and then choose one of two options: Mplayer or VLC (obviously, the players need to be installed first in order to use them).You can customize which languages to search for, and if you find subtitles you want to keep, you can download the subtitle files to a location of your choosing. If you're a inescapable uploader, you can upload subtitles if you have any laying around (as we all do, of course). SubDownloader is free, with builds for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

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